Best offbeat sports and workout gadgets

Tired of running on the treadmill? Spice things up with these sophisticated sports equipment. Far from being typical, exercise is fun again with these products.

If your workout routine has become a small routine, these sophisticated sports and exercise equipment are the cure. Did you know that you can play a heartbeat game in VR or shoot hoops on your favorite movie or playlist? With these Gadgets, it is possible. So boring workouts are a thing of the past.

Immerse yourself in new worlds with the Quall Fitness game console and burn as many calories as a Spin class. It plays up your fitness routine and offers a high-intensity full-body workout.

Then you can carry an entire gym in your backpack with the unitree pump. This practically portable gym combines weights, rowing, cables and more for fun and highly effective workouts anywhere.

Have fun working out with these sophisticated exercise machines.

1. THE SmartMat Interactive YOGA MAT is as if you had a yoga teacher with you thanks to sensors that provide Pose feedback in real time.

Your mat can help you keep in good shape if it is the SmartMat Interactive Yoga mat. The integrated sensors give you instant advice to correct your Pose. Best of all, it is specially designed for your body and your fitness level.

The price of this gadget is to be determined. Read more about this on the official website.

2.the Unitree Pump Smart Pocket Gym literally keeps a gym in your pocket. Weighing only 700 grams, it contains thousands of exercises.
Take your workout with you with the Unitree Pump smart pocket gym. It is a portable fitness equipment that combines a rowing machine, a cable machine, Kettlebell sets, a dumbbell set and much more. Take it with you on a business trip, to the office and on vacation-It’s fun and effective.

3. the Hupei Smart Basketball Hoop is a regular-sized basketball hoop that broadcasts everything. It even offers live and on-demand training.

You have probably never played basketball with a hoop like the huupe Smart basketball hoop. It streams content from your phone, tracks your movements and offers a top-notch workout, which is why it is one of the best sophisticated sports and exercise equipment.

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