Fined for Poaching Two Black Bear Cubs

An Oregon woman and her son have been fined after the mother encouraged her son to poach two black bear cubs in northwest Oregon last year.

The 52-year-old woman and her 29-year-old son have both lost their hunting privileges, but only until February 2026. they would be on probation until February 2028. The couple was convicted of misdemeanor poaching in February of this year after shooting and finishing two eight-month-old black cubs in October 2022, according to a statement from the Oregon Department of Fish and wildlife.

Gail Faye Freer and Corey Douglas Loving Jr. entered private land when they saw a bear cub walking through some bushes. Loving shot the boy with Frere’s encouragement, police officers told ODFW. They left the carcass and planned to return after to collect the animal. When they returned, they saw another Cub in the same bush and said that they thought it could be the same cub and that he could have survived the first blow. Loving fired a second round and when they made their way to the bushes, they discovered that they had actually shot two separate cubs. They made the animals rot.

Oregon State Police fish and wildlife troops tracked down the boys a few days after, after an anonymous tip was sent via the Poachers’ Hotline. Loving has been charged with five counts of “taking, fishing, hunting or trapping in violation of wildlife law or rule,” which he pleaded guilty to in December. However, he pleaded guilty again and was convicted in February, with the other three released. Freer, on the other hand, pleaded guilty to one of two charges for the same Wildlife Violation.

It is unlawful for hunters to catch cubs under one year old, and it is also unlawful to catch sows with cubs under one year old. The poaching of black bears and their young is contributing to the decline in the bear population. Many species of bears are already endangered or on the verge of extinction, and finishing their cubs further threatens their survival. Not to mention that bears play an extremely important role in maintaining the ecological balance of their habitats. The elimination of cubs disrupts the balance and can have negative consequences for entire ecosystems.

Poaching disrupts the natural bonding and nutrition process between mother bears and their offspring. Poaching wild animals, including black bear cubs, is unlawful in most jurisdictions, and penalties can include fines, detention, loss of hunting licenses and other consequences. It is a well-known fact that it is unlawful to finish young people. The fact that these two shot and finished two black cubs and only received a fine and a temporary suspension of their hunting licenses makes us wonder if these detachments even take care of these animals.

As guardians of nature, we have a moral and ethical responsibility to protect and preserve wildlife.

Sign this petition to call for a ban on bear hunting and implement a non-lethal approach to bear management!

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