Growing Styles offers Superfood Garden

Do you want to grow organic greens at home? With HARRY HERBS it’s easier than you think. Keep reading to learn more about this fun and versatile superfood garden.

Start an organic vegetable garden at home with the HARRY HERBS 4-in-1 indoor and outdoor herb planter. This versatile superfood garden offers 4 cultivation possibilities all year round and irrigates itself.

Do you want to grow vegetables, herbs and other organic superfoods at home? HARRY HERBS is a good place to start. It facilitates the cultivation of plants from seeds and works both indoors and outdoors. Let’s check it out.

OPT for a self-watering planter

Do you love plants, but can’t take good care of them? HARRY HERBS simplifies plant care with its automatic watering system.

It is easy to use. Just add water to the built-in water tank. The watering wicks of your seedlings, seeds and plants will automatically receive the right amount of water. So you don’t have to water every day or worry about adding too much water.

Meanwhile, in the water level window, you can keep an eye on the hydration of your plant. If it gets too low, pour more water into the tank.

Create the ideal climate with the kindergarten cover

However, automatic watering is not the only feature of this versatile superfood garden. With its nursery cover, it also creates the ideal climate for plant growth.

The lid supports the growth of young nursery plants by controlling the temperature, providing protection from wind and drafts, regulating air circulation.

Get 4 Ways to Grow with This Herbal Planter

The water tank and the lid of the kindergarten are a real all-rounder and offer you seed propagation, earthen or bottomless growth, as well as options for growing microgreens and herbs.

The best thing is that you can choose these steps at any time of the year in an indoor or outdoor growing environment. How does all this work? Let’s take a closer look at the growth options.

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