If you haven’t tried aquatic training yet, you’re not found out on one of the best low-impact workouts you can do! Swimming and water aerobics are the ideal way to increase your heart rate while sparing your joints. The buoyancy of the water reduces the gravitational pull, which makes you feel lighter and more balanced while reducing the impact on your knees. It also makes the same movements that would be difficult to do on land easier in the pool. Aqua aerobics exercises are a great Option for older people who have balance problems, sciatic pain or joint problems, including arthritis. However, pool exercises for the elderly are not just for the elderly, it is an aquatic workout that everyone can (and should!) do!

Underwater workouts for the elderly help burn calories while building strength by combining high-intensity Cardio movements with plyometric exercises. In less than 30 minutes you will be blowing fat and adding muscle — no swimming cap required.

Benefits of swimming pool exercises for the elderly

There are so many reasons to go to the pool with your workout this summer (not to mention that it gives you a way to go outdoors)! Aqua aerobics exercises help you burn fat, build endurance and spare your joints.

The next time you get bored with your elliptical trainer or walking workout and are looking for a fun new challenge, remember the benefits of pool workouts:

1. exercises in the pool have little impact

It is not only the elderly who benefit from the gentle Option offered by Aquatic training. Whether you suffer from joint pain, are starting to exercise again after a break or just want a less stressful form of exercise to compensate for some more stressful activities (running, HIIT training), aquatic training is perfect for you.

2. but offers additional resistance

However, do not confuse low impact with low intensity. Water acts as a natural resistance to your every movement. The Resistance in the water can be between 4 and 42 times greater than on land, making a swimming pool or a body of water a natural bodybuilding machine! However, unlike machines, Water provides resistance to movement in any direction.

3. Burns Megacalories

Due to the additional resistance in the water, they actually work harder than on land to perform the same movement, even if it is not the matter.

Older people who incorporate exercises in the pool can actually burn more calories than exercises on the ground in the same movements (such as walking). In addition, aquatic workouts combine strength movements with Cardio, and we all know that when your workouts combine Cardio and strength, it is more effective to help you lose weight.

4. strengthens Cardio Endurance

With water training, you will not only work the muscles, but also increase your Cardio endurance. When you are in colder water, your blood moves faster through your body to warm you up. Combine this with Aerobic exercise and you get improved cardiovascular endurance, another reason why aqua aerobics is so good for the elderly!

5. makes you more flexible

The way your body moves in the water, combined with the resistance it offers, naturally stretches your muscles. Whether you are not naturally flexible or have a limited range of motion due to a recent issue, arthritis or other medical conditions, aquatic exercises can help increase your flexibility over time.

Water Aerobics Equipment

When it comes to aquatic training, it can be useful to use water aerobics equipment. Here are some of our favorite items for a pool workout.

Resistance band

A resistance band is an excellent device for aqua aerobics. While water acts as a natural resistance, a resistance band can give an extra boost. I like Extrude Sprigs.

Water weight

Water weights or pool weights are just dumbbells made for water. You can use them in the same way that you would use dumbbells in normal strength training. Try bicep curls, flips, shrugs, or side lifts with water weights in the pool for Great strength-building exercises.

Waterproof Clock/Timer

If pool exercises are something you use regularly, waterproof water or a timer can be another great device for aqua aerobics. The following pool exercises for the elderly are timed, and therefore it is convenient to have a waterproof watch that can count for you.

Below are two separate pool workouts for the elderly. One uses aqua aerobics machines, the other does not, so no matter what you have (or don’t have), there is always a great pool workout for you.

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